You can never predict when your car will breakdown. Nevertheless, that should be one of your worries if you have our contact information. For three decades now, we have been providing roadside assistance services to thousands of clients. Over the many years that we have been in this business, we have managed to come up with working ethics and protocols that enable us to offer the various towing and roadside assistance services to our clients in a reliable and professional manner

Our roadside assistance service package includes:

Transportation of fuel

Changing Tires


Adding pressure to tires

Repairing worn out tires

Engine Checkups

Mechanical problem solutions


General towing services

Here are some facts about some of these services.

General Towing Services

As you can tell from the title, this is a unique service package that encompasses the simple and most complex towing services. Are truck hitches derailing your business, we got you covered. We have invested in heavy duty towing trucks that can haul your trailer from the roadside to the nearest auto repair shop or your facility for repairs. The price for this service is dependent on the distance to be covered and the weight of the trailer.

On the other hand, if your van or car breakdowns on your way to work, we can come promptly to your location, repair it, and get you back on the road within thirty minutes or less. In addition, we can tow the vehicle to one of the nearest auto repair facilities that is legally accredited. However, our team will first check your car to know if the problem is within our scope.

Flat Tire Service

There are hundreds of companies that manufacture tires in the world today. The high demand in the market is one of the factors that fuels establishment of these companies. Unfortunately, not all of them offer quality tires. If you happen to get a flat tire on the road, just give us a call. We will do all we can to come to your location and repair, replace or add pressure to the tire. We will also go an extra mile to refer you to a number of reputable companies that are well known for providing quality tires. This will help reduce the chances of such an occurrence taking place in the near future as well asĀ save you money and time.


If you happen to run out of gas, we can sort you out. Once you contact us, we will send a team to your location to refuel your tank and get you going again in no time. The fuel is first tested for quality in our facility, so you can be sure that your engine and other transmission systems in your car are safe once we refuel your car.

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